On August 30, 2002, on the day of Janamashtmi, my parents rang up my grand parents in Chandigarh, India at about 6.30 pm giving good news that my mom is expecting and I am likely to arrive around April 2003.

Kaku dada and Guddi dadi were so thrilled with this news as there is no one to take the torch of their family in coming generation. They immediately went to Gurudwara to offer prayers.

Well as mentioned earlier, I arrived on April 25, 2003 at 3.22 am (US time) in Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, USA and I am a American citizen.

My parents celebrated my birth on Saturday, June 14, 2003 at Sikh Foundation of Virginia, 7250 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA-22039 at 7.30 pm with Kirtan & Ardas (Hymns & Prayers) followed by Langar (Dinner) at 8.30 pm.

You will be surprised that I don't like to play with conventional soft toys but enjoy fiddling with wires, telephones, computer, TV, books and Indian movies. I love music and dance to the tunes even while traveling in the car.

My parents are celebrating my FIRST birthday on Sunday 25 April 2004.I am very happy to see the invitation card which has been sent to lots of friends and relatives. My parents will be delighted to have you with children to join the occasion to add to their joy. Please Click Here to see the invitation card.

Hi, Folks, I took my first International flight to Mexico with my parents very well, I sat in my seat and didn't cry at all. Everyone on board was impressed by my behavior. I also adjusted to my Mexican baby sitter very well. She too was very loving & caring and I was very happy with her. Above all I loved the cab rides as there is no car seat system in Mexico and now that I am back in USA, it is very difficult for me to sit in the car seat.  I am so strong that I fight with my Mom now. Changing my diaper is just impossible for my Mom.  The bottom line is that I am very naughty & stubborn now and get what I wants. I first traps my Mom and Dad with my innocent smile & expressions then plays with them. My Mom says that I am just amazing!

I had a one year medical check recently and looks real good according to my doctor. I had my Chickenpox vaccine on May 13, 2004. Now I weigh 24 pounds, height is 32 inches, head 18 1/2 inches and my temp today 98.8. According to doctor, I need some moisturizing lotion 3 times a day on my face. I now look even more dashing as per my Dad.