Copy of email sent by my mother to highlight my achievements when I was very small.


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Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am a mother of a 3.5 year old boy, his name is Jasmehar JS Vohra. We as parents, have been repeatedly reminded of our childs extraordinary behaviours by his Teachers. Amongst a lot of the issues, one most important on seems to be that he is bored & needs more. He is very interactive & mechanical, his interest in technology & computers, just amazes us & others around him. He is very effecient with using computers & Laptops, as well as other complicated electronics around the house, such as a Home Entertainment system, which is sometimes beyond my knowledge as well.

We really feel that his acting out in school, could be due to his boredom. We have also noticed that he always enjoys interacting with older Kids or even adults. He is very observant & has knowledge of things that have not even been taught to him either at school or home. His memory is just amazing & he remembers. When he was 2.5yrs old, he colored a character on & printed it out & showed it to me, first we thought I was an accident, but then he did it over & over again, finally, we had to unplug the printer, as the paper & ink was getting consumed. Recently, he has started typing his name online & has also been playing creative & developmental games for quite some time now. His love for computers & electronics began, when he was 6-7 months old. Even before he started talking he learnt to say "". Funny, but it also had me worried, whether it was normal, but I don't want to take that freedom & creativity away from him, that is why we r here.

Teachers, feel, he is very hyperactive & may have ADHD, as he is also very busy, but they say that, when he is in smaller groups or one on one, he does gr8. We as parents want to encourage him to do what he has an interest in doing, and we r confident that he will do wonders.

We would really appreciate, if u could guide us in the right direction. He will be going to pre-K this year, as he turns 4 next month. We may not be very wealthy to afford all these tools & resources for him, but we strongly believe, he has the potential & will flourish if given the opportunity. Pleas advice.

Thanking you,

Lak & Gurveen Vohra, Proud parents of Jasmehar JS Vohra

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